The winners - Scattered Arts 2015 Art Prize "Reflections"

Announcing the prize winners for the 2015 Scattered Arts Art Prize "Reflections"!

Congratulations to all who entered. Both Scattered Arts and the Judges were thrilled with the quality and creativity of the entries!

Best-in-Show awarded to Olivia Humphreys for her entry entitled "Through the looking glass of my Grandfather's eyes".
First prize Painting: Maria Field for "Red Harley"
Second prize Painting: Graham W Smith for "Lockyer Valley Sunset Reflection"
Third prize Painting: Gloria Clay "Missing Piece"
Highly commended Painting: Geraldine Robertson, Linda Vogler, Josephine Smith, and Graham W Smith

First prize Sculpture: Tricia Smout for "Redcliffe Remembered"
Second prize Sculpture: Lee Wilson for "A Finial Forrest"
Third prize Sculpture: Roslyn Haydon for "Reflecting"
Highly commended Sculpture: Lisa Wicks

First prize Textile and Fibre: Ailsa McEvoy for "Child Play"
Second prize Textile and Fibre: Lorraine McAlister for "Memories of Yesteryear"
Third prize Textile and Fibre: Wendy Goode for "Reflection of an Oval"

First prize Jewellery: Pat Holcombe for "Mentor"
Second prize Jewellery: Patsie Wishart for "Reflective Image"
Third prize Jewellery: Michele Renshaw for "Paua Reflections"

First prize Children (Primary): Naomi Ura for "Rocks and Reflections"
Second prize: Kailan Hincks for "Sunset"
Third prize: Keanu Vekeman for "Venice"
Highly commended: Eva Skinner, Florence Hill, Morgan Baker, Keanu Vekeman, and Florence Hill

First prize Children (Secondary): Amy-Jean Mitchell for "Mind-full Reflections" 
Scattered Arts Brisbane art and craft gallery 2014 Art Prize "My Queensland" Painting Category Winner, Linda Vogler

Painting Category winner of the Scattered Arts 2014 Art Prize "My Queensland",
Linda Vogler, accepting her prize from competition judges!
Carolyn Morgan won the "Best-in-Show" prize of $1000
for her oil painting "The Best Swing".