Introductory Demonstration by Portrait Painter Krystal Lopez-Barahona

If you've ever wanted to create a portrait of someone you love, now is your chance to see how one of our newest tutors works. This event at the Art Shed, West End in Brisbane is free! Starting time is 2pm Saturday 12th April. Street parking is available and the event is bound to be popular, so arrive early and spend a little time 
exploring what the Art Shed has to offer.

Watch Krystal paint from life. 
Ask questions and receive a taste of what you will learn in the 
hands on course.

Scattered Arts Course Structure:

Week 1 - Portfolio sharing & academic discussion
Week 2 - Anatomy of the face & drawing the skull
Week 3 - Drawing the face from life
Week 4 - Composition & capturing likeness
Week 5 - Painting techniques with demonstrations
Choosing your subject, medium & pose
Week 6 - Drawing your portrait
Week 7 - Under painting your portrait
Week 8 - Colour mixing and gamut
Painting your portrait
Week 9 - Painting your portrait
Week 10 - Painting your portrait
Presentation and critique


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