Reaching Out.

This is a new Artwork finished today. Growing up in the bush I developed an affinity with animals and landscapes. Now that I live in Brisbane city, I miss the bush and take every opportunity I can to get back out into nature to take photo's and recharge myself. Now, with the communities raised consciousness of global warming and minimizing your carbon footprint, I feel the need to celebrate what is most beautiful about life growing up in my hometown.
 This painting is of a very common possum. It is an animal that can be found in the bush or in the city. Unlike people who can change town, state or Country and adapt well, the possum rarely survives being relocated from its place of origin. Once it has established a territory, it cannot be moved away as it will get bullied out of its new home by the locals. It is a place sensitive animal. I often affiliate with the possum, because I found it difficult to restart my life in the city after relocating from the country. Also the country town I grew up in was called Willawarrin. Which means home of the possum in the Dunghutti language.
This painting is available through the the Scattered Arts Gallery.
Title: Reaching out. Medium: Acrylic paint on water colour paper. Price: $260


carolyn said…
Your new painting is fantastic, Linda. I love it to pieces!